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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will ESIDOCK prevent product contamination?

ESIDOCK will help prevent product contamination, by restricting the circulation of external air pollutions, by providing a hygienic loading dock environment and preventing the ingress of rodents and related unwanted materials

Can ESIDOCK be cleaned with power wash?

ESIDOCK is designed to be cleaned with water / detergent power wash

Can cleaning effluent and waste material be contained for controlled disposal?

ESIDOCK waste water sump with accessible trap is located in dock leveller pit

Can dock leveller and surrounding areas be cleaned when dock door is closed?

ESIDOCK components are easily accessed for cleaning while dock door is closed

Can ESIDOCK be retro-fitted to existing loading bay with minimum disruption to production?

ESIDOCK is designed to retro-fit to existing loading bay with minimum disruption to production

Can ESIDOCK be housed in external dock pod?

ESIDOCK can be housed in external dock pod without compromise

Can ESIDOCK be fully integrated in new-build loading bay?

ESIDOCK is specifically designed for integration in new-build loading bay

Can ESIDOCK service the conventional range of containerised vehicles?

ESIDOCK will service the conventional range of refrigerated containerised vehicles

Is ESIDOCK suitable for freezer applications?

ESIDOCK is suitable for freezer applications, however individual site assessments will be required prior to manufacture

Will ESIDOCK reduce carbon emissions?

ESIDOCK will make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions

Are ESIDOCK components corrosion resistant?

ESIDOCK components are corrosion resistant and are made of food grade materials

Can animal carcass be loaded on/off vehicles from over-head hanging rail?

ESIDOCK is designed to facilitate the loading and off-loading of animal carcass

Can palletised product be loaded/offloaded?

ESIDOCK is suitable for loading and off-loading palletised product

What safety features are used on Esidock?

Door: Cable and spring brake devices on Sectional doors, Centrifugal force anti-fall back device on Insulated roller shutter doors, Constant impulse closing on all doors or impulse closing with relevant safety devices.

Unloading Ramp. Rupture valves on the hydraulic circuits, Unit stored vertically.

Unauthorized Vehicle pull off. Esidock comes with a traffic light system as standard which is interlocked to prevent product damage.

Esidock also offer the option of a restraining device, the Esilock, which provides a physical deterrent to unauthorised drive off. These devices provide both a safety and security benefit.

Combined controls: Esidock is operated by a combined control panel which is sequential and very user friendly.

Does Esidock come with a Training plan?

Esidock provide full customer training to all our customers to ensure the most effective Usage of the solution.

What are the maintenance requirements of Esidock?

Esidock can provide a bespoke maintenance programme for the product. Maintenance should be seen as a value added service which will prolong the safe working life of the product and enhance product life, EN 13241-1 and EN 1398.2009 are the relevant statutes. Maintenance levels and intervals are decided in consultation with the end user and factors such as Vehicle through put are used to decide maintenance requirements.

Esidock provide maintenance programmes directly to all our Customers using our dedicated product specialist maintenance teams for both preventative and reactive maintenance requirements.

Where can I buy Esidock?

Esidock can be purchased through one of our worldwide registered Esidock agents so please contact us directly and we can put you in touch with the relevant agent.

How can I become an agent or distributor for Esidock?

Please get in touch with us directly by registering through our website and one of our Sales team will get in touch with you to discuss.

What is the payback period for Esidock?

This would all depend on the size of the building, amount of loading bays, equipment in use etc if you register on our website we can arrange and provide you with a site specific energy audit. Typical payback is 3 years.

How do I get access to the Environmental audit?

You must register on our website to get access to our Environmental audit

How do I get access to the Technical details and specification?

You must register on our website to get access to our Technical details and specification

How do I get access to the Energy Analysis?

You must register on our website to get access to the Energy analysis

In what industries is Esidock relevant to?

Esidock is particularly relevant to the food and pharmaceutical industries or anywhere there is a cold chain process however as an energy saving and contamination prevention tool, it can be used in any supply chain industry.

Is Esidock Patent protected?

Esidock is covered by a worldwide patent

What type of climate is Esidock suitable for?

Esidock is suitable for all climates. It can be used to retain heat or ensure cold temperatures are maintained.

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